Hashimoments are affirmations, positive reinforcement and reflections on living with Hashimoto's. I created these because I noticed that everyone else seems to focus on symptoms, supplements and medication.

While these are important, they aren't everything. Mindset and perspective are also really valuable and these short bits of commentary can help you gain insights and hope.

I am a firm believer that overcoming any chronic illness is a mind, body and spirit process. These Hashimoments can help lift your spirit and give you the strength to overcome your challenges.

Please check them out and feel free to share any of your insights with us, as well.

Loving Your Story
Today's Hashimoment: Loving Your Story We all have an inner narrative. And one thing I've observed in myself and in[...]
Your Healing Might Be In Front of You
Today’s Hashimoment: Your Healing Might Be Right In Front of You Hey people! Today, I wanted to discuss how much[...]
Flare Ups Are Not Failures
Hey people! I want to be totally honest with you. I had a really rough week. As you may or[...]
Are You Making Enough Time for You?
Today's Hashimoment: Are You Making Enough Time for You? Hey, people! In today's post I'd like to address the issue[...]
Giving Up to Get Things Back
TODAY'S HASHIMOMENT: GIVING UP TO GET THINGS BACK In the phone conversations I had last week, I was reminded, once[...]
Hashimoment: Saying “Yes” to “No”
As many of you who follow this page know, I believe it's really important to stay positive. And in order[...]
Hashimoment: Do You Think Like A Fox or a Hedgehog?
I recently read a book called the Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver. It's an in depth look at[...]
Today’s Hashimoment: How to Build Resilience
Resilience is Key to Overcoming Setbacks One of the biggest challenges about living with Hashimoto's is that there can be[...]
Today’s Hashimoment: Living in the Moment
Hashimoments are affirmations and positive thoughts for people with Hashimoto's. I started to write them because after reading research on[...]
Today’s Hashimoment: Don’t Lose Sight of the Forest
With Hashimoto's, its easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. And some of the trees can feel[...]
Today’s Hashimoment: Have Faith!
There will be times, When even though you are doing all the right things: eating right, exercising, meditating, dealing with stress,[...]
Today’s Hashimoment: Ride at an Amusement Park
A Dark Amusement Park Sometimes living with Hashimoto's is like being on a ride at a dark amusement park. You[...]
Today’s Hashimoment: Making Affirmations Work For You
I have a confession to make. I tend to be rather obsessive. Lately, I've been obsessing about how to make[...]
Hashimoto’s Health Tip: Half Measures
Today's health tip concerns how to wrap your mind around the complexity of this disease and why half measures usually don't[...]
Today’s Hashimoment: What Is Your Healing Intention?
It occurred to me today that if we are going to heal, we need to have a vision. A healing[...]
Today’s Hashimoment: When It Affects Someone You Love
Today's Hashimoment concerns learning that someone close to you has the disease. Genetic Component There definitely is a genetic component[...]
Today’s Hashimoment: Create Room to Heal
Having Hashimoto's is a lot like being an alcoholic. It never goes away and you have to make big changes[...]
Today’s Hashimoment: Forgiveness
I spent the weekend at a spiritual retreat and was reminded of the importance of forgiveness. We must forgive our[...]