Giving Up to Get Things Back



In the phone conversations I had last week, I was reminded,

once again, of one of the ironies of dealing with Hashimoto’s.

That is the fact that for many of us, we have to give things up to get things back.

And also for many of us, this is not something that we do willingly.

We fight, kicking and screaming.

And often, we don’t get to that place of surrender until we’ve been forced to our knees.

I know this is true of my own struggle with Hashimoto’s.

I basically lost my life as I knew it: my business, my health, my ability to function like a regular human being.

And then I hit ROCK BOTTOM.

And once I did, I had no choice but to start giving things up.

I gave up gluten, dairy and soy. Then I gave up all the other grains, beans, most nuts and seeds and nightshades. (Some of those foods I’ve since added back into my diet.)

I gave up a stress driven life and created a real daily stress strategy.

I gave up drinking so much caffeine and not sleeping enough.

I gave up all the drama.

I gave up alcohol.

Then something amazing happened.

Through all that giving up I started to get things back.

I got my energy back, I got my thinking and memory back.

I got hope back.

I went whole days and then the better part of weeks without pain.

I got a new, simpler life.

I felt joy again.

A life that I am truly grateful for today.

My favorite analogy about all of this is that some of the greatest paintings in the history of art were painted with very few colors.

There is an amazing freedom and abundance in doing and having less.

If you spend all day long thinking about everything you can’t have, you’ll be miserable.

If, instead, you can see that you literally have a universe of abundance open up to you by having less, then you open yourself up to receive it.

And you create space for healing. 🙂

Please share your thoughts, comments, observations.

Are you at peace with giving things up to get your life back or are you still fighting it?

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