Work with Marc

Schedule a 30 minute session with Marc.

Schedule a case review with Marc. A comprehensive analysis of all the systems of your body including your brain. Includes interpretation of blood tests, a detailed report of findings and diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

A program designed to help you discover how to prevent neuro-degeneration and brain related diseases like Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy

A 4 week group program that gives you all the tools for creating a lifestyle that will support your Hashimoto’s. Includes proper self assessment, diet, stress elimination and exercise. At the end of the day the things that have the biggest impact on healing are the things you do every day. Design your life to support healing, to get you to remission and, then, to keep you there.

Explore both the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine and Western physiology and learn how each of these systems, as well as, the brain and the thyroid are impacted by Hashimoto’s. This program also includes working one on one with Marc. This in depth program covers mind, body and spirit and provides you with a detailed action plan that is your road map to healing.

Our 6 month VIP program includes all of our other programs and has extensive laboratory testing and supplements included in the program. This exclusive program is transformational and will take you to the next level of mind, body and spiritual healing and growth. Please contact Marc directly at [email protected] for an application.