Is It Really Possible To Get Hashimoto’s In Remission?

It is if you understand this one simple fact...Hashimoto's is WAY MORE than just a thyroid problem.  

It's progressive and it can affect your whole body.

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What if you had the  Blueprint for Healing Hashimotos?

Here it is, the definitive manual for understanding what’s happening to your body with Hashimoto’s from both a Western medical perspective and the Chinese medical perspective. And simple, easy to follow solutions that guide you to healing.

This book provides a step by step system that Marc created (called the A.P.A.R.T. System) for analyzing the different systems of your body, creating a plan to correct the issues that you find and it teaches you how to develop a long term strategy for getting your Hashimoto’s in remission and keeping it there.


This program will help you implement the information in my book and it provides you with simple, clear action steps and additional guidance.

 In 8 weeks we'll cover how to heal all the major systems of your body and develop a long term strategy for getting your Hashimoto's into remission and keeping it there!

Includes proper testing, treatment protocols (diet and supplement) and exercises for addressing every major system of the body.

Struggling with fatigue, brain fog and memory issues, weight issues, hair loss, constipation, anxiety and/or any of the other common Hashimoto's symptoms?

We'll work together to first thoroughly evaluate all the systems of your body, then create an action plan for healing the problem areas and, lastly implement and evaluate that action plan.


Get a helping hand to guide you through the maze of Hashimoto’s and autoimmunity. 

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