Hashimoto’s Health Tip: Half Measures

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Hashimoto’s is a web of complexities.

Today’s health tip concerns how to wrap your mind around the complexity of this disease and why half measures usually don’t work.

One of the things I often encounter in working with people with Hashimoto’s is that they have tried this or that and been prescribed this or that and they have arrived right back at zero.

There are many reasons for this, but if you look at the big picture, one of the main ones is that what they have tried has simply not been enough.

It has not been nearly enough.

In order to understand how this all works, you really need to view this globally. There is usually no single drug or single supplement that is going to just make everything perfect again.

This is a multi-system disorder and the only way to properly deal with it is to have a multi-system strategy.

The unfortunate thing is that we are all conditioned by our current medial model which says that this pill or even that natural supplement should be prescribed when you have this group of symptoms.

Well, often with Hashimoto’s you have a web of things overlapping causing a vicious cycle of symptoms that don’t only have one cause. They have multiple causes. And sometimes, things are moving in multiple directions at the same time.

The result is a downward spiral that can seem overwhelming and endless. Blood sugar issues and adrenal problems lead to thyroid problems which lead to intestinal problems which lead to brain problems which lead back to more thyroid and adrenal problems. And on and on…..


Well, the good news is that if you can wrap your mind around this big picture concept and you devote the time ,energy and effort to make enough changes and do enough, then you can turn these downward spirals on their head.

They become positive upward spirals of healing because all these connections can work in a positive direction as well.

Once you start healing these various pieces they start healing each other.

You just can’t do it in a half hearted way.

Half measures don’t give you half results, they often give you no results.

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