Loving Your Story

loving your story

Today’s Hashimoment: Loving Your Story

We all have an inner narrative.

And one thing I’ve observed in myself and in many of the people I’ve worked with is a tendency to go to that default story.

It takes various forms, but what I noticed is that when I’m struggling it’s all about what’s wrong rather than what’s right.

And if you’re like many of the people I’ve worked with, you’ve struggled with Hashimoto’s and maybe felt defeated at times.

You’d have to be a super hero to not feel that way once in while.

But the truth is always nuanced.

It contains elements of comedy, things to celebrate and things to be grateful for.

As well as a fair share of tragedy, hardship and suffering.

So, what it comes down to is your perception of it, really.

The way you narrate the story.

It can be all about the tragedy and hardship and defeat.

Or all about the things to celebrate and what you’re grateful for.

But in order to heal, we need to try and use everything to our advantage.

And I know it has served me to focus on the things I can celebrate and what I’m grateful for.

Even when things are hard and there seems to be a lot of disappointment and difficulty, there’s always a way to be your own spin doctor and tell the story differently.

And like anything, the more you do this, the easier it becomes and the better you become at it.

So I encourage you to work on this.

Craft a story you love and make it more about the things you can celebrate and be grateful for.

This will make it easier to love yourself and that’s something that can never hurt.

Shares, comments and insights welcome!

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