Today’s Hashimoment: Create Room to Heal

Having Hashimoto’s is a lot like being an alcoholic. It never goes away and you have to make big changes in your life that may involve giving up people, places and things. You have to create room to heal.

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Micah says

I’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 3,5 years ago and my hormone replacement therapy has been working well so I thought that’s it and it’s all fixed. The more I read and listen to, the more I realise that it is not that easy or straightforward.
I cut gluten and soy from my diet, still struggling with leaving out diary (oh all that cheese!). I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the changes in my food habit. Not sure where to start. Do you have any suggestions how to move forward?
Also I travel a lot and the last 3 years I spent in 3 different countries, which does not really help with having a stable health monitoring, especially that my experience with doctors is not very positive (which included doctors having no clue about what I was talking about when I said ‘Hashimoto’s hypothyroiditis’). Is there any way that I could take more control over my testing and make sure that all is in order?
Lastly, I am so happy I found your website 🙂 Thanks!

    Marc Ryan says

    Hi Micah,

    Thanks for reaching out! And I’m happy you found us too! I also have a great Facebook support group with lots of Hashimoto’s folks, you may want to check that out too. Here’s a link: .

    Regarding how to take over your own testing. I think this may depend where you are. In the US there are a few labs that you can order from directly. With my patients, what I do is give them lab tests at my cost. This can literally save you thousands of dollars and then you can also have someone who understands what’s going on help and analyze and make recommendations.

    I work with people all of the world and I offer a free 30 minute Hashimoto’s Healing Discovery session if that interests you. You can schedule by pressing the button in the right column of my home page. (It is Pacific Standard Time Zone in the US).

    Lastly, it’s Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and hypothyroidism. It seems you may have mixed those 2, which could be a reason for confusion though many doctors don’t get it even if you say it correctly. 🙂

    Best, Marc

Micah says

Thanks a lot for this, Marc!
You see, one learns all the time – thanks for the correction! So weird no one ever corrected me before but from now on I will get it right!

Right now I am in Budapest, Hungary so you are 9 hours behind me but it would definitely be good to talk. I will have a look at your schedule and see what I can book. And I’ve already joined the Facebook group – really great place.

thanks again and I hope to talk to you soon.

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