Today’s Hashimoment: What Is Your Healing Intention?

It occurred to me today that if we are going to heal, we need to have a vision. A healing intention of where we want to be.

So often, we are focused on not being healthy or this unpleasant symptom or that. Or everything we have lost. Or the science of blah, blah, blah.

Well, what would you like? Let’s brainstorm on what healing your Hashimoto’s looks like, feels like and is.

Answer these questions:

1. What would you like? (Try to answer in the affirmative: for example: abundant energy, beautiful full hair, mental clarity and focus, happiness, joy, days on end without pain, being my perfect weight, etc.)

2. How would it feel in your body? (Absolutely awesome! I would feel joy and peace, deep inner happiness, love for myself and everyone else, etc.)

3. What will feeling that way do for you? (Allow me to have my life back, let me spend more time with my kids and my family and friends, restore my lust for life, help me have fun again, etc.)

4. How will you know when you have it? (Be specific.)

5. What might stop you from getting there? (Is that your belief or someone else’s?)

Write down your answers and read them every morning. This can help to rewire your brain. This is your vision, your intention, the place you want to be. And be aware, number 5 may be something you need to work on…..

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