Today’s Hashimoment: How to Build Resilience

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Resilience is Key to Overcoming Setbacks

One of the biggest challenges about living with Hashimoto’s is that there can be many set backs.

And if you do not have the ability to bounce back quickly and be resilient, then this may compound your suffering.

Because if you have multiple setbacks, one after the other, and you are still having trouble getting over the first, then you can become mired in gloom, despair and defeat.

Practice Mindfulness and Detachment

One of the best ways to develop resilience is to practice mindfulness and detachment. The more you strengthen your detachment muscles, the easier it is to bounce back.

Detachment allows you to view your emotions from a bit of a distance.

This way you can see that feelings are not facts and emotions are not emergencies. They are just feelings and emotions and they come and go.

And you have a choice about how much importance you are going to give them. It’s all about your perception of them.

Meditation Can Develop Detachment

A great practice for developing detachment is meditation. Simply sitting, breathing and observing your thoughts.

Even as little as 5 minutes per day can help you develop the ability to observe your mind.

And as you watch it, you will observe thoughts and emotions rush in. Instead of holding onto them, return to your breath or to observing something in your physical body and let those thoughts and emotions go.

It can be challenging at first, but it gets easier.

Get Yourself Free

And once you get a glimpse of the world outside of attachment to these feelings, thoughts and emotions you realize what a prisoner you can be to them.

Getting some degree of freedom from them can have a big impact on our ability to heal.

Sit, breathe and let go.

Please share with us your thoughts, experiences or tricks for finding detachment.

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