Your Healing Might Be In Front of You


Today’s Hashimoment: Your Healing Might Be Right In Front of You

Hey people!

Today, I wanted to discuss how much of the process of healing is really anchored in the way you choose to experience it.

Hashimoto’s, like many chronic diseases, is not just a physical problem. It’s also an emotional, psychological, and (dare I say it) spiritual challenge.

And a good deal of our progress or lack of progress really depends on our perception of what is happening.

To badly paraphrase Henry Ford, whether you think you can get better or you don’t think you can get better, you’re right.

The other day I was experiencing something that was a bit challenging and I was feeling discouraged and I shared it with a friend and he said, “What if you are closer than you think?”

And I had to stop and pause. And admit he was right.

What if what I was, in that moment, perceiving as failure or disappointment or a set back was actually moving me closer to where I wanted to be?

What if it was actually within reach but I couldn’t see it because I was so focused on that fact that I hadn’t gotten it yet?

Or to put it another way, what if I was actually sitting in the middle of an answered prayer, but I was too preoccupied with everything I didn’t have to notice?

And of course this begs the question, what if I instead stopped to take inventory of all the progress and blessings that I did have and recognize and celebrate them?

All of a sudden my entire perception had changed and the glass became half full (more than half full).

So, I challenge you today to ask yourself, “What if I’m closer than I think…?”

To healing your Hashimoto’s, to having abundant energy, to feeling happy, healthy and loving life again?

“What if I am sitting in the middle of an answered prayer and I actually stopped to appreciate it?”

Just ask yourself those questions and you might find your perception changing too.

Thoughts, comments, shares, likes and more are always welcomed.

Have a great day! Unless you have other plans. 🙂

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