Megan E.

Before working with Marc, I was overweight, sluggish, unmotivated and depressed (not always at the same time). I was unable to make any progress academically or in dance even though I really wanted to succeed. I couldn’t excel in anything.

While working with Marc, I became aware of just how impactful the things I eat and my surroundings are on my health. I saw how that was impeding me from realizing my goals. Marc ordered blood tests and he created a very clear plan to help me turn my life around.

After working with Marc, I’ve become more balanced – both physically and mentally. In achieving that, I have broken through all those mental barriers that were keeping me from following through.

I have lost weight (I was 25 lbs. heavier), I have a lot more energy and I made a complete overhaul of my diet and the way I was living my life. I don’t feel depressed anymore. In fact, I’ve always felt that I had a lot of potential to succeed, but I couldn’t will myself to do better (academically, in dance or in my personal relationships). With Marc’s help, I’ve learned how to do that.

I understand now that the things I do have a huge affect on my emotions, and my moods and I think I have learned to make healthier choices. I feel more in control of my health and wellbeing. I used to always feel overwhelmed and now I feel like I can do this and I have the results to prove it.

Megan E.

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