Lorraine R.

I hadn’t worked at my job as solo flute in my symphony orchestra for 4 months. The new season was starting and it was SO important to me to prove to myself that I could get up and go out and do the one thing I love doing most.

Well… I played like it was the last time I was ever going to play…..I cried unashamedly as the conductor got me to my feet during the standing ovation from my colleagues! Despite all those months of despair, pain and fatigue, I could still do the thing I loved most and I could still do it well! I had succeeded!

Thank you for ALL your help, listening and guidance in this journey so far! You are my rock and anchor! 🙂

Lorraine R.

About the Author Marc Ryan

So now, not only is it my profession, it’s my passion, and it’s personal. I’ve been joking with people lately saying it’s a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I really get it, and a curse because I really got it! ?

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