Lorie G.

Before working with Marc I was agitated, and I wasn’t sleeping. I was losing my hair and my eyebrows. I had terrible mood swings and heart palpitations even when relaxing and trying to go to sleep.

I kept gaining weight and I was anxious and depressed because I had all these symptoms and I didn’t know what was happening to me. All of this caused marital problems because my symptoms made me hard to be around and no one, including myself, had any idea what was going on.

When I started working with Marc, he was able to figure out what was happening. I had ordered some blood tests for my thyroid and the doctor said everything was normal. Marc knew that it wasn’t and he made me order tests again and added some new tests.

When we did, we discovered that my TSH was really high and that I had Hashimoto’s. I took the results back to my doctor and he said it was really rare and he was actually pissed off that Marc had found out what was going on and he hadn’t. He didn’t want to work with me.

It turns out the tetanus and whooping cough shots I got actually caused a massive attack on my thyroid. Marc was able to get that under control and he referred me to another endocrinologist (who I love) and together, the 3 of us worked together to get my TSH back to normal and to get my life back.

I feel really blessed and fortunate to have found Marc and Green Health Acupuncture. I am now sleeping well, I have no palpitations, no agitation and my hair is not falling out like it was.

Marc got me off of gluten, caffeine and dairy – and that really helped me too. I am not depressed. I feel much better and much more stable. I recently was able to buy a new house and renovate and move in. All things that I could not have done before I found Marc. I am so grateful to have my life back!

Lorie G.

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