Janie M.

Before working with Marc, I was having a lot of issues. I had fibromyalgia, I had gone through an incident with methane gas exposure and some other health issues and finally, I tested positive for Hashimoto’s.

I was having body wide joint pain, fatigue, bloating, (the bloating was the worst part), and constipation. I was also getting rashes on my skin from almost anything I was exposed to. It was really bad. I couldn’t focus on anything either.”

While working with Marc, I started to get some real relief for the first time. He helped me to understand what was going on with me. I was an athlete all my life and a health fanatic so I couldn’t understand what was happening.

Marc took the time to organize all my health records (something no one else had ever done) and he was able to present a very clear history to my doctor that showed that my TSH was going up and down and my doctor was able to use this information to get me on the right hormone at the right dosage.

Marc also helped me clean up my diet and got me off of the foods that were causing such bad flare-ups of my condition. He was able to show me how this was all connected so it made sense to me.

After working with Marc, I am feeling so much better. My metabolism, and my digestive system are a lot better. My weight has gone down, I have better energy, I’m not as foggy brained. And my joint pain has gotten a lot better, too.

I know I still have some work to do, but I am so happy that I was finally able to make some changes that have made a big difference in my quality of life.

Janie M.

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