Success Story: A. Greenwood

Case Study: Anything Is Possible

This case was pretty severe, yet it turned out pretty well.

A 29 year old female who was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s postpartum.

She suffered from fatigue, brain fog and concentration problems, muscle aches and hip and shoulder pain. Also suffered mild depression and thinning hair and nails.

She had both Graves and Hashimoto’s antibodies elevated, high TSH (above 16 at one point). She fluctuated from hyper to hypo symptoms. She reported that these were “crazy cycles” for about 15 months.

She also could not tolerate thyroid replacement hormone at all. She had a very bad reaction to both Synthroid and Armour.

Further investigating revealed signs and symptoms of leaky gut, hypoglycemia and adrenal issues, and high homocysteine levels.

We put her on an Autoimmune Diet, treated her hypoglycemia by making sure she started the day with a good protein and fat combination and didn’t let her sugar crash throughout the day. She ate at regular intervals.

We also treated the leaky gut and worked on the adrenals and helped her adapt to stressors.

And we worked to aggressively reduce the systemic inflammation that’s was at the root of this.

After working together for 3 months, she felt considerable improvement.

She returned to her primary physician, reported what she had done and requested a follow up blood test.

This doctor initially refused because he said that it wasn’t possible that there could be any improvement with that type of treatment.

Diet and the adrenals didn’t matter, etc.

She insisted and finally he relented and ordered the tests. Everything came back within the normal range, (all the antibodies, the TSH and everything else).

She was, of course, elated. The doctor, not so much.

Here is an email she sent me:

“Hello Marc!

I know you didn’t ask me for an update, but everyone deserves praise every now and then:)

Well this is… (her name),…and if you remember you helped me about 18 months ago. I had horrible anti-bodies, leaky gut, adrenal problems, etc.

All of this came after a pregnancy.

Anyways, my thyroid antibodies have not come back, my gut feels amazing (unless I accidentally ingest gluten:)) and I assume my adrenals are working just fine!

In fact I’m pregnant again with my second, and my thyroid is looking good and I’m feeling amazing!!!

I owe this all to you!

So once again thank you so much, you literally changed my life, and keep the facebook posts coming, I love learning all I can about the latest updates!

Wishing you wisdom and happiness!”

A. Greenwood

Brekenridge Mo.

I’m not going to pretend this happens with everyone, nor do I deserve all the credit.

She deserves the credit for persevering, following the plan and believing that something else was possible.

There are also some really important takeaways here.

Firstly, the answer wasn’t just thyroid replacement hormone. This is the answer for some people, but not for everyone.

Especially post partum when things are really in flux and your body is adapting to a new normal.

And as we discussed yesterday, there are also fillers that may be problematic for some people.

This case also shows that sometimes the thyroid isn’t the direct cause of the problems.

Here it was was the inflammatory process, the adrenals and the immune system dysregulation.

It took some digging and detective work to look elsewhere for solutions, but there were pretty clear indications about where they were.

What’s also really encouraging about this is that the changes were sustained over more than a year.

That’s a very good sign.

So if you’re struggling and the solution that has been offered you isn’t working, then don’t be afraid to dig deeper and look for solutions in other systems of the body.

And, bottom line, there is always hope because anything is possible if you believe it to be so!

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