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Healing Hashimoto’s: The 5 Elements of Thyroid Health

Attention: People Who Have Hashimoto’s (Auto-Immune Thyroid Disease)

Finally…The Step by Step Program for Effective and Lasting Control Over Your Health So You Can Have More Energy, Stop Feeling So Depressed and Start Loving Your Life Again…

From the desk of Marc Ryan, L.Ac.
Sunday, April 6, 2014
Dear Friend,
Does this sound familiar?
  • You want more energy, but feel exhausted and overwhelmed.
  • You want to laugh and enjoy life, but feel depressed and like there is no hope for you.
  • You feel cold all over – especially your hands and feet.
  • You feel like you can’t get enough sleep.
  • It seems like you can’t lose weight no matter what diet or program you try.
  • You feel constipated and have a hard time going to the bathroom.
  • Your hair is falling out and it makes you worried.
  • You feel fuzzy-headed, like your brain just isn’t working.

If you recognized some (or even all) of these symptoms, I have some important news for you.

You may have a treatable autoimmune disease known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

I understand what you are going through and I have worked with over a hundred men and women with Hashimoto’s to help them correct the imbalances that lead to these symptoms.

Did you know that all of the things I mentioned above are common symptoms of autoimmune thyroid disease (called Hashimoto’s)?

If you have already been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s then, of course, you know. If you have been struggling with all of these hypothyroid symptoms, but aren’t sure if you have Hashimoto’s then you’ve come to the right place.

jillMarc Ryan, LAc’s “Hashimoto’s Healing” program has been a godsend for me.
I was diagnosed over 10 years ago and, even though I’m a holistic healthcare provider, have felt at the mercy of the medical system for assistance with the multiple symptoms that Hashimoto’s brings with it.
In 6 weeks I feel I’ve been empowered & educated broadly & deeply about alternative support for the multiple body systems impacted by Hashimoto’s.
I fully endorse Marc’s brilliant, useful program & encourage anyone with Hashimoto’s to grab this opportunity to increase your health, wellbeing & gain some useful tools & support!
Jill Cohn, DC
Berkeley, CA

Hashimoto’s is the most common autoimmune disease affecting women in the United States. An estimated 5 million women suffer from this disease.

I have treated so many women in my private practice who have Hashimoto’s that I decided that I had no choice but to create a simple, easy to follow, step by step program that will teach people how to effectively manage this condition.

I understand what you are going through because I, too, suffer from an autoimmune disease. Here is my story.

How I overcame 15 years of pain and struggle…

First, a little about me, professionally: I am a graduate of Cornell University, a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of California, a Diplomat of Chinese Herbology, NCCAOM, and a Diplomat of Acupuncture Orthopedics, NBAO.

I practice medicine using a mix of Eastern and Western medicine that is called functional medicine.

kristentraniI have learned so much in Marc’s 6 week program. He has such a wealth of knowledge about our condition that it has been impossible to find anywhere else. In the last year and half that I have been seeing my Endocrinologist I have felt so lost and confused; like just another number. I was told to take my medicine and exercise. That’s all and kicked out the door. I knew I wasn’t going to get better that way. I searched for help and I found Marc. In the first week of working with him my life changed. He is a caring, funny, encouraging, and honest man that I am so grateful to have as health care associate. His hard work and dedication proves that we don’t have live in misery. I wake up every morning with more and more energy; as well as less and less excess weight on my body. His program has given me hope for future I have always dreamed of.
Kristen Trani
San Pedro, CA

Where most doctors order blood tests and then prescribe medication, I order blood tests and prescribe diet, lifestyle changes and herbs or vitamin and mineral supplements to help the patient heal. Then, I monitor their progress using additional blood tests.

This helps me to understand the causes of problems, the relationships between the body’s systems and to properly monitor if what I am doing is working or not. It is also a very effective approach and has the added benefit of not further burdening the patient’s immune system with toxic drugs.

I have studied functional medicine with Dr. Datis Kharrazian (world-renowned teacher, doctor and author of the groundbreaking book, Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal) for over 5 years now and I use many of the things he has taught me in the management of patients with Hashimoto’s.

Many autoimmune diseases, and Hashimoto’s, in particular, are very poorly managed in today’s health care system. The reason is simple, little or no attention is given to treating immune dysfunction. This is absolutely essential and this is an area where functional medicine excels.

The reason I know all is because I also have an autoimmune disease. Today I am able to run a large and busy practice here in Los Angeles. I have plenty of energy and I’m able to see patients all day long, which requires me to be clear and present and to be at the top of my game.

It hasn’t always been this way. Two years ago, after I kept experiencing severe eye pain that came on periodically and unexpectedly, I discovered I had an autoimmune disease.

At that time, I was in pain, exhausted all the time, I was in pain, and I had brain fog, I was depressed and could barely get through the day.

It was hard for me to concentrate, and my autoimmune condition would flare up at the most inopportune times.

I was at the point that I really wanted to give up.

The doctor ordered a battery of tests and no one could figure out what my problem was. Finally, I tested positive for antibodies for an autoimmune disease called alkalizing spondylosis. At that point, because I didn’t have any of the classic symptoms of that disease I was told that there was nothing that could done for me. I just had to wait and once I had enough pain and destruction of my spine, I could get treated with chemotherapy to quiet my immune system.

That approach made no sense to me and wasn’t the way I wanted to go. So I sought out a functional medicine practitioner, like myself, and he did some blood tests and got me on an autoimmune diet, and some supplements and slowly my life started to turn around. I started to get my energy back, the pain went away, my mental clarity returned and I started to feel like my old self again!

And then something interesting happened. I noticed I had some nodules on my thyroid. I have a friend who is an MD, so I went to see him and he ordered an ultrasound and blood tests. Thank God they came back negative for cancer, but I tested positive for Hashimoto’s.

Since that time I have devoted my life to learn everything I can about this disease, how it impacts our bodies and what we can do about it. It has become something of an obsession and you benefit from that obsession because I want to share what I have learned and help you to recover your life in the same way that I have recovered mine.

I have learned how to have abundant energy, mental clarity, and I look forward to getting out of bed in the morning. Since that time I have committed myself to becoming a resource and guide for people who suffer from autoimmune disease.

I realized that there are so many unknowns that people must navigate with autoimmune disease it can be overwhelming. I became committed to helping people navigate this territory. It is important for you to know that you can have a productive life and not be a servant to the disease.

Many of my clients even reversed their situation, using the techniques and tools I teach.

I am so passionate about helping others with this condition and so grateful that I have an amazing life, in spite of my health issues, that I have created this program to help people like you and me

That is why I created: Healing Hashimoto’s: The 5 Elements of Thyroid Health

In this program you’ll discover:

  • What conditions may be making your Hashimoto’s worse or preventing you from getting better
  • The top 3 foods that make your immune system go crazy
  • The secret to understanding your blood test results
  • 4 powerful tips to balance your immune system
  • Why eating certain foods are so destructive for people with Hashimoto’s
  • Why thyroid hormone therapy may not work for you

What People are Saying

Before working with Marc I was agitated, and I wasn’t sleeping. I was losing my hair and my eyebrows. I had terrible mood swings and heart palpitations even when relaxing and trying to go to sleep.

I kept gaining weight and I was anxious and depressed because I had all these symptoms and I didn’t know what was happening to me. All of this caused marital problems because my symptoms made me hard to be around and no one, including myself, had any idea what was going on.

When I started working with Marc, he was able to figure out what was happening. I had ordered some blood tests for my thyroid and the doctor said everything was normal. Marc knew that it wasn’t and he made me order tests again and added some new tests.

When we did, we discovered that my TSH was really high and that I had Hashimoto’s. I took the results back to my doctor and he said it was really rare and he was actually pissed off that Marc had found out what was going on and he hadn’t. He didn’t want to work with me.

I feel really blessed and fortunate to have found Marc and Green Health Acupuncture. I am now sleeping well, I have no palpitations, no agitation and my hair is not falling out like it was.

Lorie G., age 57
Long Beach, CA.

“I have never felt better than I do now and it is all thanks to Marc and the team at Green Health Acupuncture. Marc has instilled knowledge in me that will stay with me for a lifetime. I am on a road to recovery and have noticed vast changes in my body. I am no longer experiencing pain, fatigue, and the feeling of being bloated all the time. I have more energy, don’t need naps throughout the day and I have even lost some weight! I now eat a lot healthier, and I am eating foods that are good for my Hashimoto’s. I have full control over my body and my mood has changed drastically.”

Annie N., age 25
San Pedro, CA

“After working with Marc I was able to properly manage my thyroid condition and as a result, my carpal tunnel syndrome, without drugs or surgery. After eliminating gluten and dairy from my diet, and taking certain recommended supplements, I virtually eliminated the pain in my hands, as well as numerous other health problems that had plagued me for years. I no longer rely upon caffeine and sugar to get me through the day. I now enjoy activities that I had written off such as tennis and gardening.”

Christine V., age 55
Long Beach, CA

“Marc took the time to organize all my health records (something no one else had ever done) and he was able to present a very clear history to my doctor that showed that my TSH was going up and down and my doctor was able to use this information to get me on the right hormone at the right dosage.

Marc also helped me clean up my diet and got me off of the foods that were causing such bad flare-ups of my condition. He was able to show me how this was all connected so it made sense to me. After working with Marc, I am feeling so much better. My metabolism, and my digestive system are a lot better. My weight has gone down, I have better energy, I’m not as foggy brained. And my joint pain has gotten a lot better, too.

I know I still have some work to do, but I am so happy that I was finally able to make some changes that have made a big difference in my quality of life.”

Janie M., age 65
Retired Longshoreman
San Pedro, CA

“After working with Marc, I’ve become more balanced – both physically and mentally. In achieving that, I have broken through all those mental barriers that were keeping me from following through.

I have lost weight (I was 25 lbs. heavier), I have a lot more energy and I made a complete overhaul of my diet and the way I was living my life. I don’t feel depressed anymore. In fact, I’ve always felt that I had a lot of potential to succeed, but I couldn’t will myself to do better (academically, in dance or in my personal relationships). With Marc’s help, I’ve learned how to do that.

I understand now that the things I do have a huge affect on my emotions, and my moods and I think I have learned to make healthier choices. I feel more in control of my health and wellbeing. I used to always feel overwhelmed and now I feel like I can do this and I have the results to prove it.”

Megan E., age 24
San Pedro, CA

When I met Marc Ryan, I was having multiple symptoms of Hashimoto’s…the worst of them being the anxiety, irritability cloudy brain and racing heart. I felt as though I was walking in a dream most days and found it very difficult to focus on anything.

While working with Marc, I was pleasantly surprised that he knew so much about my symptoms and what direction he was going to take. He was very confident in the fact that he was going to make me feel better. Needless to say, I was very skeptical at first given my past experiences with doctors. However, he was the first doctor that even thought to run the blood tests that he did. He was very thorough and took his time to research every result. He was able to come up with a specific game plan for improving my health.

I am still in the middle of treatment with Green Health Acupuncture but have already seen incredible results. The constant anxiety, irritability and cloudy brain subsided.

Andrea R., age 41
General Manager/Artist/Mother

Here’s My Program:

ele-globeWeek 1: Understanding the Terrain: Knowing Enough to Understand What Is Happening to You

  • You’ll learn what really causes flare-ups and how to reduce or eliminate them.
  • You’ll learn the 4 most common mistakes doctors and health care practitioners make when treating this condition.
  • You will learn how Hashimoto’s reaches into many parts of your body and I’ll show you how to recognize it and what to do about it.
  • You’ll learn what common thyroid tests should be ordered to properly assess your thyroid.
  • You’ll get a bonus, guided visualization that is designed to break down the self-defeating barriers that we all have that may slow or stop us from successfully managing autoimmune disease.

Week 2: Restoring Balance to the Immune System (Metal)

  • You’ll learn 4 powerful tips for how you can restore balance to your immune system.
  • You’ll discover the top 3 foods that make your immune system go crazy.
  • You’ll learn what lab tests should be ordered to properly assess your immune system.
  • You’ll get a bonus video of gentle movement and breathing exercises that naturally regulates your immune system.

Week 3: Healing the Adrenal Glands and Learning to Let Go of Stress (Water)

  • You’ll discover why thyroid health is so dependent on adrenal health.
  • You’ll learn the 6 health challenges that prevent your thyroid and adrenal glands from getting better.
  • You’ll get a special diet for stabilizing blood sugar balance and restoring gut health that is essential for adrenal health and managing Hashimoto’s.
  • You’ll also get a bonus video of gentle movement and breathing exercises for healing the kidneys and the adrenal glands.

ele-femalebrainWeek 4: Save Your Brain

  • You’ll learn how Hashimoto’s can lead to neurodegeneration and loss of brain function
  • You’ll discover the top 3 foods for a healthy brain
  • You’ll learn brain exercises for increasing plasticity and memory
  • You’ll discover the top 3 health conditions that can make brain fog and memory issues worse

Week 5: Healing the Intestines Is Key to Controlling Flare Ups (Earth)

  • You’ll discover the #1 problem that many women with Hashimoto’s have in their intestines that causes flare-ups.
  • You’ll discover a 4-step program for repairing the gut and restoring balance to the ecosystem that lives in your intestines.
  • You’ll get a special diet designed to support the rebuilding process in your intestines.
  • You’ll get a bonus video of gentle movement and breathing exercises that strengthens and heals your digestive system.

Week 6: Health Issues Involving Your Blood Can Slow or Halt Your Progress (Fire)

  • You’ll discover the 2 main blood related health issues that can be “deal breakers” when it comes to managing Hashimoto’s
  • You’ll learn how to regulate blood sugar levels naturally so that imbalances don’t undermine your care.
  • You’ll discover the 3 tricks to understanding how to read your blood test results.
  • You’ll get a bonus video of a gentle movement and breathing exercises that naturally supports your cardiovascular system.

Week 7: Detoxing Your Body and Cleansing Your Liver (Wood)

  • You’ll discover what hormone medication can torpedo thyroid health.
  • You’ll learn how to effectively detoxify your liver so that you can clear hormones, pathogens and environmental toxins that can all make your Hashimoto’s worse.
  • You’ll get a special liver detoxification diet that eliminates the sources of systemic immune flare-ups.
  • You’ll also get a bonus video of gentle movement and breathing exercises for healing the liver.

ele-globeWeek 8: Creating A Master Plan

  • You’ll design a lifestyle plan that will support you for many years to come
  • You’ll discover how to create habits that heal
  • You’ll create a blueprint for a powerful morning ritual that will start every day positively
  • You’ll learn powerful strategies for creating healing intentions that you can manifest

StressIsOptional (2)We’ve added a special bonus!

Adam Timm, Author of the Amazon.com #1 best seller “Stress is Optional”, will work with you one on one to first assess how much of an impact stress in having your life and then to design and implement special practices to overcome it.
Using a breakthrough technology called the SMQ or Stress Management Questionnaire, Adam will assess how destructive stress is really being in your life. Then, he and Marc will collaborate on an action plan that includes diet, exercise and powerful practices for overcoming it.

How The Program Works

Here’s what you get in this program:

  • A weekly live 60-minute webinar.
  • Interactive guidebooks that deepen the work you are doing.
  • Live 30-minute Q & A webinar every other week with Marc to get your questions answered.
  • A bonus video of special gentle movement and breathing exercises and guided visualizations designed to heal and balance each part of the body in the 5 Element System.

During these sessions, you will have an opportunity to live chat with other participants and ask questions to our staff. Recordings will be archived and made available to you on our website to review for the duration of the program.

To really help you succeed in making the necessary lifestyle changes, we have added bonus material to the guidebooks. This includes recipes and diet plans as well as homework assignments and checklists to help you really learn the information.

How Do I Know If This Program Is Right For Me?

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions and concerns:

“How much time does this take?”

With this program you can either participate in the live broadcast or watch the archived versions of the program anytime during the 6 weeks of the course. We make our videos fun and educational so you will enjoy watching each one.

You also will get a guidebook that summarizes a lot of the information and this will be yours to keep.

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford it. It sounds like it’s going to be expensive.”

This program is loaded with so much great information (all supported by research and over 10 years of real clinical experience) that you can’t find anything like it anywhere.

How many hours have you spent surfing the web trying to figure out what to do? How many times have you tried those things only to end up right back where you started?

This program will save you countless hours of time and save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars that you may have spent on supplements that aren’t really addressing your problem.

We guarantee results and we can also promise to give you a real in depth understanding of how to effectively manage your Hashimoto’s. How much would that be worth to you?

“What if it doesn’t work for ME?”

The success or failure of this program depends on you and how you carry out the things that you learn.

One thing we can guarantee is that if you keep doing what you are currently doing you will get the same result. Chances are, if you are here looking for an alternative, then you want something more.

I want that for you.

I have spent years developing this program because I have seen first hand how poorly Hashimoto’s is managed in today’s health care system. I have successfully treated Hashimoto’s dozens of times and I know what it takes to help you get the results you are looking for.

There is a better way and Healing Hashimoto’s The 5 Elements of Thyroid Health has everything in one place so that you can radically improve how your condition is managed, end all the confusion and, finally, start feeling like you are in control of your life and health again.

It’s time to finally get peace of mind with your Hashimoto’s…

There is no other program like this. You can surf the net for a decade and never find the information and clinical pearls that you are going to learn here.

Consider how much time have you spent trying to find the right information to help you manage your Hashimoto’s. How much is that time worth to you?

The only place you would begin to get this kind of information would be from other skilled practitioners of functional medicine.

Most of my colleagues charge between $150 and $300 per hour. You will get 12 hours of amazing, information rich, professionally produced content that is worth well over $1,800 in my time alone.

The live streaming video that you’ll experience is a true innovation (most of these types of information programs are delivered via telephone calls) and the production cost for this alone comes to nearly $5,000 for the series.

Imagine what it will be like to:

  • Feel reinvigorated and energetic
  • Lose weight naturally and effortlessly
  • Regain control of your life and health
  • Overcome depression WITHOUT medication
  • Maintain healthy body temperature and circulation
  • Enjoy luxurious, healthy hair

What is the value of that?

I sincerely want to make this program affordable to everyone because I have been through the odyssey of trying to manage an autoimmune disease and I know how disheartening it can be.

Because of the amazing advances in online systems we are able to offer you this course at a ridiculously affordable price.

I want to give you hope and empower you with the tools to regain control of your life and health again. I am determined not to let money be the reason you choose not to do this.

In my program you get:

  • 8 hours of fun, information-rich live video training of all the Healing Hashimoto’s: 5 Elements of of Thyroid Health. A value of $1200
  • 8 – 30 minute Q & A sessions where I work directly with you to address your questions and concerns. A value of $600
  • 6 bonus pre-recorded professionally produced medical qi gong and guided meditation exercises. value $97
  • A guide book that summarizes everything and gives you specific action steps

That’s a value of $1,897

Plus you get these additional bonus features:

  • A Facebook Support Group
  • An accountability buddy – someone in the program you can work through stuff together
  • A discount code for 10% off of all purchases you make for the supplements that I recommend during the program
  • 6 – 30 minute one on one sessions with me (a $720 value)
  • 2 – 30 minute one on one sessions with Adam Timm, #1 best selling author of Stress is Optional (A $530 value)

Total value of $3147,

Register now for only $1447 or scroll down for the option to pay in 3 payments of $497.


If you do nothing and continue to suffer the rollercoaster of Hashimoto’s you may continue to feel:

  • Exhausted all the time
  • Cold all over – especially your hands and feet
  • You can’t get enough sleep
  • You can’t manage your weight no matter what diet you try
  • It’s hard to go to the bathroom (BM)
  • Depressed and overwhelmed
  • Your hair is falling out
  • Your brain is not working, you are all fuzzy-headed

End this suffering and get your life back.

Register now for only $1447 or 3 payments of $497.




Our Guarantee

“Our Learn to Effectively Manage Your Hashimoto’s or Your Money Back Guarantee”

While we can’t guarantee that you’re going to get the results that our other clients have gotten (because we can’t make you actually take the steps and order the tests and make the changes in your life that are required), we have a rock solid satisfaction or your money back guarantee.

If you follow the steps that we teach and fully commit to taking the steps that we guide you to take and you are not 100% satisfied with the results, we will fully refund your money up to 21 days after the program.


“Yes Marc, I’m Ready to Get Started with Healing Hashimoto’s, The 5 Elements of Thyroid Health”

My program includes:

  • 8 Home Study Modules I can do at my own pace
  • 8 hours of fun, information rich live video training of all the Healing Hashimoto’s: 5 Elements of Thyroid Health
  • 8 – 30 minute Q & A sessions where I work directly with you to address your questions and concerns
  • 6 bonus pre-recorded professionally produced medical qi gong and guided meditation exercises
  • A guidebook that summarizes everything and comes with specific action steps for you to take.
Plus these bonuses:
  • A Facebook Support Group
  • An accountability buddy to support each other through the program
  • A gift certificate for 10% all purchases you make for the supplements that I recommend during the program
  • 6 – 30 minute session with me
  • 2 – 30 minute sessions with #1 best selling author, Adam Timm, focused specifically on eliminating stress from your life


I’m ready to reserve my spot in your Healing Hashimoto’s: 5 Elements to Thyroid Health now by clicking on the link below.


3 Monthly Payments of $497

I have seen the transformation that is possible in many of my patients and in my own life. I want this for you. That is why I created this program.

What’s the worst-case scenario?

You will learn everything you will ever need to know about your condition and how to create the life you want. This will save thousands of dollars that you spend on treatments that don’t work and hundreds of hours of fruitless internet surfing trying to get answers.

Don’t wait, act now to reserve your seat for this transformational program and get started right away.

Still have questions? Contact us here.

And we’ll get right back to you.

I wish you good health and happiness,

Marc Ryan, L.Ac., Dipl. CH, Dipl NBAO

The Hashimoto’s/Autoimmune Expert

P.S. It is possible to feel reinvigorated and energetic again. You can regain control of your life and health if you have the right information and a system that works. You get that with this program.

Green Health Acupuncture, Inc.
1825 West 153rd Street
Gardena, CA 90249


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