Hashimoto’s Health Tip: Adrenals & Thyroid Health


The adrenals have a big impact on other systems

Today’s health tip concerns the relationship between your adrenals and thyroid health.

We Are Not Machines

Remember the body is an ecosystem with many systems interacting all the time. One example of this is the adrenal glands and how they impact thyroid hormone absorption.

Chronic immune stimulation, like Hashimoto’s, sets the stage for high cortisol for a prolonged period of time.

This chronic adrenal stress can:

* Increase thyroid binding proteins, so that thyroid hormones can’t get into cells to do their job.

With more thyroid binding proteins, you have less free and available thyroid hormone. It’s like going to a dance, if all the available boys or girls are with dates, your chances of getting some are a lot lower.

* Mess up detoxification pathways, which can lead to thyroid hormone resistance.

If your liver isn’t detoxing properly, thyroid hormone can’t get converted from T4 into it’s active form T3. It’s like driving on the freeway, if there’s lots of traffic, you ain’t goin’ nowhere.

* Slow the conversion of T4 to active forms of T3 that the body can use.

This happens in the liver, it also happens in the digestive tract where the whole process is helped along by good bacteria and in the peripheral tissue. High cortisol leads to problems in the first 2 areas. Eventually, you empty your cortisol tank and then you get problems in the third.

* Weaken the barrier system defenses of the digestive system, the lungs and the brain.

High cortisol leads to imbalances in the gut and intestinal permeability. It’s like your alarm system breaks down and all manner of riff raff just come on in.

This can trigger Hashimoto’s or cause flare ups or both.

What To Do?

Heal your adrenals by:

Balancing your blood sugar: Read all about it in this previous post.

Healing your adrenals: Read all about this in this other previous post.

And relax, people! It’s all going to be fine. Really, it is! 🙂



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