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Hashimoto’s Healing Part 2 of 4

Welcome to part 2 of my Healing Hashimoto’s: The 5 Elements of Thyroid Health series.

In this video we are going to cover the 5 Elements of thyroid health. These are crucial to understand the complexity of Hashimoto’s. Because each case is unique.  Your condition is not the same as someone else’s, you have a unique set of circumstances and you are in a certain place in your progression of the disease.

Hashimoto’s is really poorly managed in today’s health care system.  My program has been designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to better manage your condition.

In the 5 Elements of Thyroid Health, I am going to walk you through each of the different elements that are important for healing your thyroid and your immune system:

In the first week of my program, we focus on the thyroid part and you’ll learn how to ask for and order the right tests. Even though this is the area that most doctors treat, there are still a lot of opportunities for mismanagement and inadequate testing.

Learn what should be tested and why.

In Week 2 of my program, you’ll learn about your immune system. Most medical doctors and alternative health practitioners ignore the autoimmune part of this disease. Mostly because they have no idea how deal with it. So they just pretend its not there.

It is there and once you cross over into autoimmune land it will always be there so it is really, really important that you understand how to balance your immune system.

In Week 3, we look at the role the intestines play. Remember when I was talking about borders? Well, your body has 4 main borders, your skin, the blood brain barrier, your lungs and your digestive tract.

The blood brain barrier is really an interior border, kind of like a moat protecting the castle of your brain. But the skin, lungs and digestive tract all interact directly with the outside world. And these are places where your immune system is very active because it protects you.

Well, one thing that can really cause problems with your immune system and with Hashimoto’s is your digestive tract and your intestines, in particular.

Learn how and why.

In week 4, we look at how certain issues related to your blood can play a major role in preventing you from getting better. These are deal breakers and can stop progress in its tracks.

Discover what these conditions are and how you can avoid them.

In week 5, we will explore another area where we see the interconnectedness of the body, the adrenals.

You know, stress can really hurt you and a lot of people don’t take the impact it can have on your body seriously. Well, the one place where stress is most evident is the adrenal glands.

They can have a big impact on thyroid health, they can affect the way blood sugar is balanced in the body. They can really mess you up.
You will discover how to heal your adrenals and learn some great exercises for adrenal and thyroid health.

Together, in the last week of the program, week 6, we will take a look at how the liver and liver detoxification fits into this puzzle we are trying to solve. The liver is responsible for clearing things out of your body and for storing important things like fat and various other nutrients.

When it gets clogged up and doesn’t help your body detox correctly, you can get some serious health issues. Discover what they are and how they impact your thyroid.

Once again, I would love to hear from you.

What is #1 thing you want to reclaim in your life, after healing your Hashimoto’s?

Please leave a comment and let me know.

I wish you good health and happiness,






Marc Ryan, L.Ac.

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