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Does this sound familiar?

You walk into a room and forget why you walked into there in the first place?

I know I walked in here for a reason, but….

Do you forget appointments, lose your keys

forget the names of people or pets you know?

Names you shouldn’t forget?



I was speaking with a man with Hashimoto’s last week

and he was concerned because he had recently forgotten the name of his 13 year old dog.

He has had this dog it’s entire life.

Or do you have problems concentrating

or find that certain mental activities just exhaust you?

Is it affecting you at work? Do you worry about keeping your job?

I was speaking with another woman the other day with Hashimoto’s and she told me,

“I feel like there’s a smart person inside me who can’t get out.”

That’s describes it perfectly.

I understand this because I’ve been there. A few years ago prior to my diagnosis with Hashimoto’s, I struggled with some serious cognitive issues.

It was an embarrassing secret I had to hide from my business partners, my employees and our patients.

And the reason I had to keep it a secret was because I didn’t want to be seen as incompetent or stupid.

I was a business owner, a boss, a practitioner. All positions of authority and strength. I couldn’t just come out and say….

I can’t remember what you just told me.

Or I forgot your name. (Even though you’ve been my patient for a year.)

Or I can’t really concentrate or focus, can we do this later?

My brain feels like mush.

I went to an ivy league school. I used to be able to go toe to toe with brilliant people.

Now, I feel like a shadow of my former self.

Like that smart, authoritative person is imprisoned somewhere inside and he can’t get out.

So, I started tearing up sheets of paper and creating these little handmade note pads.

I’d jot down important things or even trivial things at the beginning of the day and put the little pad in my back pocket or the top drawer of my desk.

(Sometimes, I’d forget where I put it, or that I had it at all.)

It’s almost comic now.

But it wasn’t funny then.

It was freakin’ scary and I really didn’t know what was happening to me.

If you can relate to this and you have Hashimoto’s then something may be happening to your brain too.

Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism have a profound impact on the brain and on the central nervous system.

Unfortunately, many doctors, practitioners and patients are completely unaware of this and they do nothing about it.


Of course it’s obvious, but …

…if you lose your brain or lose significant brain function, then you also lose a significant amount of your quality of life.

Your brain is what gives you memories, emotions, pleasure, physical strength, energy, endurance, you name it…everything that makes life worth living.

As you lose your brain, you lose your ability to do the most basic things that you now take for granted.

The people who are the most impacted by Hashimoto’s, those that have lost their lives as they knew them, have lost everything because their brains have been so dramatically impacted.

Hashimoto’s and autoimmunity can cause massive neurodegeneration of the brain.

There are many reasons for this, these include:


Damage to the blood brain barrier: this is the fortress that protects your brain from pathogens and environmental toxins like mercury, lead and a host of other toxic chemicals.
Microglial cell activation. The micorglia are the cells that make up the immune system in the brain. They are very territorial and very protective and when they get excited there is massive destruction of brain cells all around them.

Many factors related to Hashimoto’s causes these cells to get activated.

For example:


Blood sugar imbalances
Chronic stress
Chronic inflammation
Infections (bacteria, viruses and/or parasites)
Environmental toxins
Autoimmunity in the brain



Too much is at stake.


That’s why I originally created my 5 Elements of Thyroid Health Program and that’s also why I have created my new mini program:

Save Your Brain From Hashimoto’s

This was originally a week of training from my 8 week 5 Elements of Thyroid Health Program and it was so popular and helped so many people that I decided why not make it a program all by itself and offer it at a price that everyone can afford?

So that’s what I’ve done.

In the Save Your Brain from Hashimoto’s Program,

You’ll get everything I teach in my 5 Elements of Thyroid Health Program on how

to heal the brain plus some amazing bonuses:

You’ll learn how Hashimoto’s can lead to neurodegeneration and loss of brain function
You’ll discover the top 3 foods for a healthy brain
You’ll learn brain exercises for increasing plasticity and memory
You’ll discover the top 3 health conditions that can make brain fog and memory issues worse
You’ll learn which neurotransmitters are deficient with Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism, how to assess them and how you can ours them naturally.

And, here are some great bonuses:

You’ll get Mickey Trescott’s Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook and you’ll learn how to use this diet to first, heal your brain and, then how to actually nourish and improve brian function.
You’ll get an in depth Brain Health Assessment and you’ll learn what areas are being affected and you’ll discover how to use diet and supplements to nourish and protect your brain
You’ll get access to my exclusive online store and I’ll turn you on to products for the brain that you never heard of that are remarkably effective and, as a member of the program you’ll get a 10% discount off of all products.
You’ll get 1 full month of our new Road to Remission Program that will be launched in August that includes weekly emails, recipes, exercises, special offers and ongoing support for achieving and staying in Remission.
You’ll get access to a live webinar where you can ask me questions and get support on your brain related issues.

You’ll get access to a live webinar where you can ask me questions and get support on your brain related issues.


The cost to do the Save Your Brain Program?

Just one payment of $97


This program will be launched at the end of August and I’m not sure when we will be offering it again at this price.

This will be our first run and I’m giving you a special sneak peek into the program and the content.

Purchase this today to take advantage of this great price and to lock in your spot.

The Save Your Brain From Hashimoto’s is a virtual program that includes over an hour and a half of video content, plus supporting materials, a specially designed brain assessment survey, product recommendations, special discounts on additional programs and a live Q&A where you can get your questions answered.

We will help you craft a strategy for reducing brain inflammation and neurodegeneration and we will provide you with special brain exercises that will help you increase brain plasticity, improve memory, reduce brain fog and more!

How is it different from other brain health programs?

Well, first of all. There are none for Hashimoto’s that I’m aware of. In addition, many practitioner and doctors who treat Hashimoto’s completely ignore this problem.

There are a few books on the market, but the best one by Dr. Datis Kharrazian called "Why Isn’t My Brain Working?" is more than 500 pages.

If you have brain fog, focus and memory problems, the odds are that you’re going to have a tough time getting through that book.

With this program you get a series of videos that clearly explain what’s happening, why and what you need to do about it.

All delivered to the comfort of your home. Plus, you get a live Q & A with Marc Ryan, L.Ac., Hashimoto’s specialist where you get your questions answered.


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